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We are trying to build reviews on our website via TrustPilot and would appreciate any reviews from our followers and customers:

If we get to 100 reviews we will make Philip Halll wear a Christmas hat throughout December ...

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**Feature product of the week**
Straight Edge Jointing Tool - allows connections of our tools for safe transportation and site storage.
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Our latest solution to make on site construction more efficient and effective.
Fully welded handles on our Tamping Beam - up to 4.5m length!

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Exciting and busy times at Neat Products, new product lines and ingenious inventions by our director Phillip Hall to solve your construction hand tool conundrums!

Good evening!! Please see our new product now available on the website or via eBay! Any questions please DM us!!

Product, Aluminium Serrated Edged Derby with 12mm pitch x 6mm deep Serrations

Sizes available, 60cm, 100cm, 120cm, 150cm, 180cm, 200cm, 240cm, 250cm, other sizes ...availible on request.

code NP-SED's

New product coming this evening!! Exciting times!!! #tools #product #toolsofthetrade

We've been pretty quiet more recently!! Please bare with us while we update our Facebook page but we are here to answer questions you may have! Please head over to the website also to see more products!

Busy day preparing all this, mixing tubs, straight edges and floor scrapers. All to be picked up tomorrow for shipment to Northern Ireland.

Today’s job in hand at the old Neat Products work shop. 50 x 8ft plasterers Feather Edges to check for straightness and pack for customer in Northern Ireland

Busy today, 200 heavy duty floor scrapers to build for a customer in Dublin. Repetitive but it’s got to be done.

Working on my own at the moment but still getting quite a few orders for straight edges/ flooring rules. Just supplied a few 5 & 6 meter ones to the M.O.D.

Just to let everybody know, we've had a small technical problem with our website for the last week. This problem was caused by a site update we installed, this has now been sorted out and our website is functioning correctly. We apologise for any inconvenience this technical hitch may of ...caused.

Philip hall.

New Mixing Tub to add to our expanding range, we now stock from 30 ltr up to 120 ltr tubs. Added today 120 ltr mixing tub "BIGMIX" 120ltr 62cm Dia x 52cm Deep

New batch of mixing tubs moulded and going into stock to meet current demand. Selling a lot of these at the moment!