straight edge tool being used on site to level concrete

Why opt for a Tough Tools Straight Edge Tool?

Discover the Versatility of Straight Edge Tool Selections from Tough Tools

Our extensive collection of straight edge tools caters to a myriad of on-site applications, each designed to meet specific construction needs. From robust to more refined sizes, our tools offer unparalleled strength and accuracy.

For instance, our tamping beam options are crafted for heavy-duty tasks such as leveling concrete, necessitating a more substantial section size. In contrast, plasterers may opt for a lighter straight edge tool to achieve precision in detailed leveling work.

We pride ourselves on offering an impressive range of straight edge tools, with sizes spanning from 1 meter to an expansive 6 meters — a selection breadth uncommon in the UK market.

Our director and chief engineer Phil has designed these products based on his experience at solving construction problems.



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